YUNG CEO: Making Business Out of Music

Yung CEO is emerging as one of Hip-Hop’s newest stars. The southern rapper says that he loves his roots, but that he makes music for everybody.

“We can kick it any different way,” says the Lake Charles, Louisiana, native. “But we make good, quality music.”

Music, melody and lyrics got into Yung CEO’s veins as a
youngster while in middle school, but it would be a few years before he chose to purse a professional career. These days, he looks to flow over any beat that speaks to him – without holding himself to genre restrictions.

“Whatever vibe it [the beat] comes with, we try to come behind it and lay something nice down on top,” he says.

Yung CEO is working to promote his current single, “Reach My Level,” which features Mouse and XO (produced by Mouse on the track). Although the song has been available since 2017, it will be included in his 2020 solo album release.

Additionally, he’s one-third of the rap group Black Militia, a trio rounded out by XO and Ace Boogie. Their project is also due out later in 2020. Yung CEO’s projects will be released independently under his Street Bread Mafia label. Despite independence, he says that he isn’t opposed to conversations with major labels. “I’m not a one-trick pony,”
he stresses. “I’m a businessman and an artist so if the situation makes sense, we’ll take a look at it.”

His days leading into the new year were spent on the usual new artist grind: meeting with producers, executives and other artists alike, while also working to book future shows.

Keep up with his bookings and ever-entertaining Twitter @TheRealYungCEO.

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(by Ellen Chamberlain)