UnitedMasters Announces New Subscription Service ‘Select,’ Allows Artists to Retain 100% Royalties

UnitedMasters, the leading platform for independent artists, today announces the launch of UnitedMasters “Select” now available on iPhone and Android. “Select,” a new subscription offering from the digital music distribution platform, provides artists with a suite of tools to operationalize independent success and the ability to retain 100% of their royalties. UnitedMasters artists now have more options for how to manage their careers with the ability to choose between a simple 90/10 royalty split or a $5/mo subscription offer without any hidden fees.

“Select” artists will have the opportunity to have their music featured across ESPN platforms including on SportsCenter, First Take, The Jump, and more giving them a chance to grow their audience through the vast reach and scale of ESPN.
For $5 a month, artists who sign up for “Select” will have access to:
  • Exclusive brand deals with the world’s top brands including the ESPN, the NBA, Cash App, Apple and more
  • Unlimited distribution to all major streaming platforms including Instagram and TikTok
  • Music distribution straight from iMessage, Dropbox, and iCloud
  • Express distribution in 10 days or less
  • Keep 100% of streaming royalties
  • Promotional tools such as smart links and an artist website
  • Straight forward streaming, social, and fan analytics
  • Transparent monthly revenue statements and direct payment via PayPal

More about Select: here