Tower of Power Steps Up with New Album & Single

The renowned horn-driven Soul/R&B/Rock/Pop/Funk outfit Tower of Power (or T.O.P., as it is more often referred to by its global legion of fans), has been rocking their sound since 1968. Over 7,500 shows, 444,000 unique monthly listeners and over 35 million streams and millions of albums sold world-wide, their fans are rabid!

Fast forward, after celebrating their 50th Anniversary with the critically-acclaimed 2018 release of Soul Side of Town, Tower of Power stirs it up with the launch of their latest album, Step Up (Mack Ave. Records). Although the 14 tracks from this album were written and arranged in a careful 6-year-long process, the album itself was recorded in the same sessions with Soul Side of Town. When the band, along with Grammy-nominated producer Joe Vannelli, recorded enough great material for two full albums, the band decided to split the releases up and keep Step Up as their launch into the new decade.

Step Up gives us a taste that fulfills the band’s promise of an album that will “move you physically and emotionally,” as predicted by bandleader and founder Emilio
Castillo himself. The wait is finally over!

Check out T.O.P’s latest video and single, “Look into My Eyes”