Talib Kweli Launches Signature Radio Station on Radionomy

Artists can reach fans directly with their content from anywhere with Radionomy 

By Thierry Ascarez 

radionomylogoArtists of every caliber are now using social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube to connect directly with fans and the general public, and artists’ individual voices are stronger now than they’ve ever been; and that trend is beginning to infuse music distribution as well.

It might seem like an obvious idea for artists to produce their own radio stations to reach their fans directly, but it has always been too expensive and complicated for even the biggest names to set one up. Now services like Radionomy.com offer a platform that allows anyone-including artists-to create online radio stations driven by their own creative ideas. Radionomy turns the tables on other popular services, giving users full control of the creative process by putting them in the program director’s chair. Instead of using complex algorithms, Radionomy gives users the tools to create a complete online radio station from any web-enabled device. Users have access to a library of over 100,000 pre-licensed tracks they can integrate with their own uploaded media as well as live broadcasts. And “complete radio station” means just that: integrating music with podcasts, interviews, archived content–any and all audio media–to create an experience exactly to the user’s specs.

Talib Kweli’s station Javotti Radio is devoted to all things hip hop, and incorporates music from his label (including his own) with commentary on culture and politics.

Artists are finding a unique channel in Radionomy: a way to reach fans directly exactly the way the artists want it, and without any of the barriers or expense that stopped artists in the past. The prominent Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli started a station recently, and in a statement his staff cited flexibility and low overhead of the tool as reasons why it’s practical. Talib’s station Javotti Radio is devoted to all things hip hop, and incorporates music from his label (including his own) with commentary on culture and politics. Radionomy bypasses the business and technology hassles of radio, allowing artists like Talib to broadcast live to fans from anywhere in the world. In a time when fans are already embracing social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube, the ability to add a complete online radio station to that lineup is a no-brainer.

 Radionomy works well as an outlet for established signed artists, and it affords independent artists a lot of the same benefits for getting visibility and delivering content to their fans. On Radionomy, artists of all levels offer their unique programming side-by-side. With tools like Radionomy appearing, finding a direct channel to fans for music is actually becoming practical; which is a good thing, because fans used to an artist’s stream of thoughts on Twitter are increasingly demanding that level of connection.