Stacy Barthe, Sincerely Yours

We at Amalgamation are absolutely in love with this wonderful talent, who initially made a name penning songs for Pop goddesses Britney Spears (“Blur”), Rihanna (“Cheers”), Kelly Rowland (“Everywhere You Go”), Katy Perry (“Hummingbird Heartbeat”), and a host of others. In just the last year, Barthe has dropped a pair of musical delicacies, EPs, respectively titled, Sincerely Yours, Stacy Barthe, and In the Inbetween.

Barthe’s music maybe quiet storm-like but with an edge; especially after checking out such irresistible joints like “Comfy Little Coffin,” “Just My Luck” and the lyrically-dark and deep “Not Like I Used To.” Barthe says her sound is a culmination of everything she’s ever loved musically; “From Reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop, to loving Jazz, I’m a melting pot of music.” Executive Ethiopia Habtemariam signed Barthe to a publishing deal through Universal in 2007, and more recently inked her to a recording contact with Universal-Motown. She is readying the Fall release of P.S., I Love You, the third piece to what she is calling a musical trilogy.

“I didn’t have a record deal at the time of releasing my first two projects,” says Barthe. “As a songwriter I was kind of exhausted in creating music that I wasn’t really that passionate about. I was working so hard trying to get placements and fitting into everybody else’s mode of what they wanted. With this [current] dance craze, everybody wants an up-tempo, this, that and the other. I can do those types of songs, but that is not my cup of tea or the type of music I want to be making. I was shopping some of the songs that would eventually be on my albums to other artists to see if they would fit, but my [business] partner Terrell Brown, who is very near and dear to me, said the reason these songs aren’t being placed is because they are your songs. Now, I am about to put out, P.S., I Love You. This project reflects where I am in life now, where I am sure of my music, sure of my career and where I’m going creatively.”

On P.S., I Love You, Barthe is working with John Legend, who she is slated to accompany on tour. On previous projects, she has worked alongside producers Tricky Stewart, Cool & Dre, the Runners, and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. When it comes to the creative process, Barthe says she and one of her prime collaborators, producer Supa Dups, pretty much start from scratch. “We’ll start something maybe on guitar and we’ll go from there. Once I have the melody and the concept, I’ll go in and record it; then I’m like part of the production process. I personally don’t play any one instrument, but I can make sense on the keyboard and on the guitar. My instrument is my voice and my lyrics.”

For the Sincerely Yours EP, Barthe worked with the likes of fellow singer-songwriters Joi Starr, Frank Ocean and Luke James. She also performs with her good friend and producer Hit Boy on his forthcoming project. “I’m a vibe person, so if the vibe is right then we’ll do it,” Barthe says. “But the collaborations have to be organic.”

Speaking of organic, Barthe keeps it real when it comes to her image and staging; she’s not your typical video girl. “The short hair is something I’ve been rocking since I was 18. My size and weight loss is something I’ve been working on and not because I want to be in a mini-dress, shaking it up,” she quips. “It’s because I want to live a healthier lifestyle. On my own, I have lost 136 pounds, and I’m still losing. Weight is something I’ve battled for a long time; and it’s also a part of my story.”

Check out the Stacy Barthe website for tour dates, and updated news.