Sound Royalties Breaks the Mold in Music Industry Financing

A specialty finance firm is disrupting the status quo in the music industry, forever changing – for the better – how songwriters, producers and artist fund their work.


Sound Royalties boasts a staff filled with former artists and industry experts, giving them direct insights into the lives, needs and untold challenges of today’s music professionals. Due to that unique background, the company has taken a unique approach to music financing, providing a viable financial solution to music professionals.

Rather than forcing creatives to permanently sell away the rights to their music, Sound Royalties provides customized royalty advances that allow professionals to retain the copyrights to their works. Their deals do not rely on credit, and any overflow income is sent back to the songwriter or artist, rather than 100% recoupment which is the industry norm.


“We simply allow music professionals to utilize tomorrow’s royalties today, without them having to sacrifice their copyrights,” said Sound Royalties Founder and CEO Alex Heiche.

“Our artist-friendly options empower creatives to succeed by giving them unprecedented economic freedom to focus on their craft. For some, that’s launching a new project or purchasing needed equipment; for others, it’s simply making ends meet until a big, delayed royalty check comes in.

“The underlying point is that we don’t want money to ever get in the way of the music, and we certainly don’t want to do deals that leave creatives in worse shape down the road than when they came to us for help. Our advances provide that bridge to get people from where they are today to where they want to be, without compromising what is rightfully theirs.”


While this seems like the most common-sense, realistic approach to helping artists get the funding they need when they need it, Sound Royalties’ model is unprecedented in the music industry.

“Unfortunately, most companies in this space have chosen to make quick deals that give themselves a valuable investment – acquiring music rights – while leaving the songwriters out to dry,” Heiche added. “This ‘standard’ never sat well with me.”

So Heiche utilized his financing background and connected it with his passion for music to create Sound Royalties, a personalized finance service company focused on the music community.

After bursting onto the scene, the company has quickly developed market dominance and become the go-to funding source for top songwriters, producers and other music professionals.

“Sound Royalties’ track record is impeccable and the personal service is unmatched,” said six-time Grammy Award-winning avant-garde songwriter Malik Yusef, who collaborated with the company earlier this year. “If people are thinking of making a play, this is the top-tier company to deal with.”

Sound Royalties has also worked with leading songwriters Makeba Riddick, I Like to Move It’s The Mad Stuntman, Soca artist Kevin Lyttle, and many more successful professionals in the industry looking to take the next step in their careers.

In addition to the creatives’ retention of their copyrights, another reason Sound Royalties’ services seem to have resonated so deeply with the music community is that the company doesn’t follow the one-size-fits-all style of traditional industry financing. Instead, their team of Royalty Specialists start from scratch for each deal, creating specialized, innovative funding solutions that fit both the current needs and future goals of the unique creative they’re working with at that time.

With the newfound dominance of streaming, the fiscal landscape of music has been forever altered for artists, and particularly for the songwriters and producers behind the hit songs. This evolution and its impact on creatives makes Sound Royalties’ customized offerings and niche expertise more important than ever.

“We offer next-generation royalty financing that helps music professionals navigate the continual challenges in the music world and succeed in today’s complicated reality,” said Heiche, who is also an outspoken advocate for producer and songwriter rights and a lifetime member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

“Sound Royalties is a company run by music people for music people,” says Heiche. Five-time Grammy nominee Reggie Calloway, producer-songwriter of classic hits by Midnight Starr, Levert, Natalie Cole, and a string of others, serves as Director of Music Royalty Funding. Bruce Waynne, co-founder of the production team Midi Mafia (John Legend, Brandy, Nelly), serves as a Royalty Specialist; in addition to the company’s growing Client Services Team.

“We are proud to have shattered the ill-formed mold previously set, and replaced it with dynamic, real-world solutions that keep music alive and musicians doing what they do best – creating the soundtrack to our lives.”

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