Songwriters Group Hopes Management Change At Pandora Leads To Better Relationship

NMPA_LOGO[Courtesy of All] With the news last week that Pandora Media CEO Joe Kennedy is leaving the company, comes word that the head of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) sees the exit as an opportunity for the webcaster to improve its relationship with the songwriting community.

The Hill reports, “NMPA CEO David Israelite said songwriters are frustrated that roughly 4% of Pandora’s revenue goes towards compensating them for their music, while nearly half of company’s revenue goes towards paying recording labels and recording artists. Meanwhile, Israelite notes that Pandora has filed suit to lower the percentage of revenue it pays to songwriters.”

Pandora-logo“The 4% Pandora pays is unfair and must change. In other areas of the music business, songwriters and music publishers often earn the same amount that is paid to record labels and artists,” Israelite said in a statement. “I wish Mr. Kennedy the best, but a new CEO could go a long way toward creating a true business partnership with the music industry by addressing this issue and respecting the contribution of songwriters.”