SongSplits: Digital Solution for Tracking Your Songwriting Shares

Bryson Nobles, CEO, SongSplits

Every single year, more than one billion dollars in income is delayed or forfeited by songwriters and music publishers due to their inability to confirm and/or demonstrate their ownership interest in songs. The current market solution to this problem is an often unstructured, time-intensive process of telephone calls, emails and circulating documents attempting to validate song splits as proof or rights to a writer’s or publisher’s share of this revenue. An increasing amount of time by publishers or publishing companies is spent ‘tracking down splits,’ requiring a human resource cost as a cost center for these publishers.

Enter SongSplits… is a free, songwriter-focused, web-based platform that captures and verifies song split information directly from songwriters, and manages that information for publishers and copyright collecting organizations. As a result, the company has created a simple and universal process online for songwriters to submit and declare their ownership in created works, while simultaneously enabling publishers and music societies to execute on their core business: claiming music royalties and distributing those royalties to their songwriters.

“We can’t emphasize enough that everything in the entire music industry – from the jobs we all have to the content that is played, marketed and promoted – is all because of the songs,” says Bryson Nobles, Founder/ CEO of SongSplits. “It all starts with the songwriters and the splits that determine what the shares of those songs are. If writers, producers and artists don’t see the value in documenting this stuff, when it goes out to be monetized the writers won’t be compensated for it. They can’t pay you if they don’t know how to find you.”

SongSplits is based in New York City. Since the company beta-launched their first app in June 2012, it has attracted more than 50,000 songwriters and songwriter representatives in 48 countries. “We’ve gained a great deal of recognition and credibility from the industry, the publishers, performance rights organizations and the like since our launch three years ago,” says Nobles. “We’ve increased our number of paid royalties from people who use the service. We’ve made significant developments as they pertain to business relationships, partnerships and customer relationships. This brings a great deal of value to our existing user base as well as to our future user base. They are tremendous votes of confidence from people that see what we’re doing. We’re pretty proud of that.”

In February 2016, SongSplits will present its first annual International Songwriters Awards, recognizing the top songwriters, producers, lyricists and poets in the entire world. For more info, visit