SongSplits: A Digital Solution for Songwriters to Manage their Split Sheets

Songsplits_AdSongSplits is an information technology company that helps copyright holders to manage and distribute their ownership declarations.  More than $1 billion in songwriter royalties goes undistributed each year due to the inability to confirm and/or verify ownership of song copyrights.  Additional revenue is never generated because missing data prevents licensing.  SongSplits solves these issues by providing a synchronized cloud that all copyright holders can share and communicate through.  Most of all, songwriters and producers can do this on SongSplits 100% for free.

Since launching in the summer of 2012, more than 15,000 songwriters and producers in 32 countries have digital split sheets being managed on SongSplits.  Over $1M in previously unpaid royalties have been paid with the help of SongSplits and 20,000 previously unverified splits have been verified.

What prompted Bryson Nobles, Founder/CEO of SongSplits to launch the company?  “We kept hearing this constant theme from people who work in music publishing; which was, ‘No one knows who to pay.’  Our focus has been to help a growing number of writers and producers approve, claim and manage their rights,” Nobles says.  “We are currently getting ready to launch the new SongSplits Manager App on which we expect to have more business to business conversations about how managers and administrators can manage a dashboard of writers’ song data in (real-time) to easily move songs through their part of the industry’s eco-system.”

SongSplits CEO Bryson Nobles

The new digital solutions technology has been receiving overwhelmingly positive response.  “We have a good idea and a great team to take it to market,” Nobles continues.  “It feels great to improve the creative community’s ability to get the credit and income they earn.  From Grammy winners to those getting started, we have been thanked and applauded.  We’re pleased to support the army of songwriters who are helping each other do better business through technology.  What’s better is that we’ve received valuable feedback so we could improve SongSplits’ user experience even more.  We’re able to connect at and also socially on Facebook and Twitter, etc.  The platform is in real-time and so is the social response which is really cool.  We’re all in this new technology together, 24/7.”

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