Snoop Dogg’s ‘Neva Left’ (by Jordan Duboff)

“Throughout the years, I’ve had my hands in a lot of projects, but music has always remained at my core, ” said Snoop Dogg.

‘Neva Left’, coming out on May 19, features an old school shot of the Doggystyle- era on the cover.  It’s a photo of a very young Snoop standing next to a freeway sign that reads, “187”.  187 is police language for a murder, and is mentioned in the hit movie Deep Cover starring Lawrence Fishburne.  Deep Cover is also the name of the song which Snoop made with his mentor at the time, Dr. Dre.

Snoop’s ‘Mount Rushmore’ featuring Redman, Method Man, and Cypress Hill’s B-Real can be downloaded for free if you preorder ‘Neva Left.’