Snoop Dogg Planning Music Festival In Father’s Hometown (by Jordan Duboff)

“We always stop in New Orleans, but we never book a show here (in Mississippi).  We might as well do it ourselves because my booking agent just won’t do it,” said Snoop Dogg.

Snoop does not want to do the “same old, same old” simple concert and leave.  It’s Magnolia, Mississippi, his father’s hometown, so he wants it to be special. Snoop visits his family four times a year, which is nice, but this time he wants it to be legendary.

“I want to do something so that everyone can see me.  If I wanted to do a show and leave, I could’ve done that…”

Snoop Dogg is very serious about making this festival a reality.  He met with Anthony Witherspoon, the mayor of Magnolia, to tell him about his plans for the festival.  Witherspoon liked what he heard and told Snoop if it doesn’t happen this year, definitely in 2018.

Blues, Gospel, and Country acts will take the stage on the first day.  Hip-hop and R&B will rock the set on the second day.  Snoop plans on using his connections in the industry in order to get some of the best acts around.  Snoop will close out the festival.