Singer-Songwriter Bruce Sudano: Starting Over Again

brucesudanobw-1For some of our younger readers, know that the name Bruce Sudano conjures up memories of a nostalgic period in music – an era when he co-wrote songs and quite often performed alongside his superstar wife, Donna Summer.

Sudano was a member of the band Brooklyn Dreams (with Joe Esposito and Eddie Hokenson). As a songwriter, he co-penned the Donna Summer classic “Bad Girls,” in addition to her songs “Lucky,” “Can’t Get to Sleep Tonight” and “I’m a Rainbow.” Sudano also co-penned (with Donna) “Starting Over Again,” a song popularized by both Dolly Parton in the 1980s and 15 years later by Reba McEntire. Fans of Jermaine & Michael Jackson may recall their 1985-Grammy nominated R&B/ Pop duet “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming,” co-written by Sudano and later re-recorded by the late Robert Palmer.

Sudano released several albums as a member of Brooklyn Dreams in addition to four solo albums upon leaving the group in 1980. In 2015, Sudano – along with his newly-formed the Candyman Band – released the Burbank Sessions with a style and sound that Sudano says is a blend, “With a foundation in Folk and Rock mixed with Blues, Soul and the occasional splash of Jazz, wrapped around the voice of a storyteller.”

More recently, Sudano re-released his third album, 2014’s With Angels on a Carousel, in tribute to Donna, who sadly passed away in 2012 from lung cancer, and after 32 years of marriage.

Regarding the With Angels on a Carousel project, Sudano says, “Since before Donna passed, I entered another phase of creativity. In such a highly emotionally charged situation as life and death, the truth of realities become very clear and deep. It became a well of inspiration that has taken me to another level of artistic expression. The songs on With Angels on a Carousel were written during the time Donna was sick. The range of emotions are reflected from darkness and despair to hope beyond hope, the joy of life and its sad realities. It also deals with the spiritual aspects of the will of God and the everlasting – as well as the understanding to appreciate every moment of life because whether we realize it or not, time is always moving and things are always changing.”

Fans around the globe will be elated to know that Sudano is also co-producing a musical about Donna. He says, “The musical is in development. Although hard to predict, we could be up and running in another year. It should contain a number of her most famous songs.”

In between, writing, recording new music and producing a musical, Sudano has been on the road of late, doing numerous dates with famed English Rock band the Zombies. (D. Mitchell)