Royalty Network Launches “Black Empowerment Thru Music” Initiative

The Royalty Network, one of the country’s most esteemed independent music publishing companies representing over 700,000 compositions, has just launched the Black Empowerment Thru Music initiative, a new program focused on empowering Black communities by connecting emerging musicians, producers, and songwriters with leaders across all aspects of the music industry.

The Royalty Network is pledging to undertake a multi-faceted and proactive effort to help aspiring young black artists, songwriters, and entrepreneurs, establish successful careers in the music industry, and is inviting professional and established musicians, artists, attorneys, songwriters and others to do the same. The activities range from free Los Angeles studio time to financial support for designated organizations, matching grants, donation of instruments to schools, mentoring, and much more.

Industry leaders have stepped up to serve on the Black Empowerment Thru Music Advisory Council. They include artists stic & M-1 (dead prez), producer Darien Bankhead (Boyband), entrepreneur and music executive Laze Elliott, renowned entertainment attorney Kendall Minter, Harmony Program founder & executive director Anne Fitzgibbon, and others.

For more information about the Black Empowerment Thru Music initiative and to volunteer, please visit