Quick Takes with SKAM Artist Owner SUJIT KUNDU

Sujit Kundu owns SKAM Artist, a booking and management agency with an incredible roster of open format and EDM DJs/hosts including Lil Jon, Nick Cannon, Samantha Ronson, Irie, Amber Rose, DJ Five and the L.A. Leakers. On top of overseeing an expanding talent roster, Sujit also serves as Sr. Vice President of Promotion at Epic Records. He’s the man behind the scenes who helped DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” and French Montana’s “Unforgettable” reach the top of the radio charts last year. Variety Magazine listed Sujit as one of 2017’s Hitmakers.

With 20 plus years in the business, Sujit has a truly unique perspective and pulse on the industry in that he has actively been a part of the rise of various music trends such as EDM, the “celebrity” DJ, Hip-Hop, and an overall influencer in the culture.

M.I.Q.: How is SKAM Artist attracting so many DJs and artists?

SUJIT: The DJs and talent that we have signed are happy with the services that we’re providing. It’s really been word of mouth. Our agency is very diverse and I don’t know the exact numbers but we probably represent over a 100 people now.

Diversity and culture are two words that are thrown around a lot. Briefly discuss how they’ve impacted the DJ community.

The DJ culture is very similar to life in general and it’s evolving. For instance 10 years ago we didn’t have Uber. 10 years ago you were spending money on records or on higher quality mp3s; the culture is constantly evolving and now we have social media.

It’s the same thing with DJing. It used to be with DJs, people didn’t even know what they looked like unless they met you. The internet, social media and technology has made the world smaller. It’s made what a DJ needs to do now different and it’s a culture shock for some. As some DJs have gotten older they’re learning to adapt to the marketplace as well.

At what point do you take on new clients?

I take them on when I think I can be successful with them. It’s my belief in them and their ability to make money, and/or to book gigs. There’s nothing cut and dry. Different things work for different people, and there’s a different DJ for every situation.

Your DJs are well represented in Vegas.

Opportunities continue to be everywhere, but Vegas pays more. It’s a huge party town. There’s more clubs. The customer in Vegas can spend more money. There are bigger buyers. But there are opportunities for DJs just about everywhere though. The price just shifts depending on the market.

DJs have always been everywhere but more and more are looking for high-paying celebrity status.

It depends what you consider a celebrity DJ. Are you’re looking for a celebrity DJ or a DJ who plays celebrity events—someone you don’t necessarily know but who plays all of the A-list weddings and parties. Maybe they are just plugged in. They may not be a household name but you can still classify them as a celebrity DJ. Again, it’s in the eye of the beholder. DJs are commanding anything today from $500 to $500,000 and more.

How you do balance your many jobs and ventures, and the personalities that come with it?

I have a really good staff at SKAM. They do a great job, and work really hard. What I do is not really a job but a lifestyle. I wake up every morning knowing what I gotta do. I’m fortunate—everyone says I work all of the time, honestly, I feel like I don’t work at all.

For more info, visit http://skamartist.com/