Quick Takes: Introducing Chad Watson, Hip-Hop/Rap Artist

Chad Watson is an up and coming Hip-Hop artist/Rapper hailing from Los Angeles. His new music video for his song “The Man” is out now. MIQ took some time to interview Chad and see what he has planned for future projects and his career in the rap game.

Where are you from?

Chad: I’m born and raised in Baldwin Hills California but I have influences from the east and the west side.

How did you get into music?

I was conservatory trained in theory and piano from an early age. I was taught how to read music and pick correct notes and chord progression before I could appreciate it.

Talk a bit about your new video and song for “The Man,” and do you have a new project coming out along with the song?

The man right now is one of my babies. It’s on the project Tattoo Sleeves and Leather Briefcases. I plan on releasing it within the next year. It shows my eclectic side – my tattoo sleeves –and my professional side which is leather briefcases.

Have you released previous music that you would like other people to check out in the mean time?

The music that I made before is really private and close to my heart. I just recently started releasing music and showing my craft to the public though I was sort of known beforehand. I’m in the process of releasing my creative property for the public now.

When you aren’t making music what do you like to do in your free time?

When I am not making music I like thinking of new music. My mind is always hearing and conjuring new melodies, metaphors, and lyrics all day. Often times I wish I had gotten a lot of the beats that are out on these rappers today on the radio. But, I’m pretty mellow and I like to listen to music and develop my craft.

Who is your favorite rap artist at the moment?

My favorite rap artist would have to be Kanye West. He is very controversial but believe it or not, I stand for much of what he’s controversial for.

Interview Conducted by Jeffrey Zimberoff