PATRA! All Hail – The Queen of Dancehall Returns

The world famous Jamaican Dancehall Queen, Patra, is back with her recently-released new single, “Come Ova,” featuring Delus. The new album will be launched in collaboration with LGN Entertainment, Veal-Steen Music Publishing’s parent company, and Patra’s label, +Plus Entertainment. Distribution will be handled by IN grooves/Fontana, the largest U.S. indie distributor.

After establishing herself in Jamaica as a powerful solo artist, Patra’s debut album “Queen of the Pack” immediately hit the US R&B charts with her first single “Think (About It).” She picked up early momentum as a featured singer on the Shabba Ranks song, “Family Affair,” which hit the Billboard Hot 100. Later on that year, Patra hit the charts with her follow-up single, “Worker Man.” The next two years, she blazed the charts hitting the Billboard Hot 100 three times with her hits “Romantic Call,” “Pull Up to the Bumper,” and “Scent of Attraction.” Patra is now ready to sit upon her throne once again and woo the masses with her sensual style and captivating voice.

While still working on her upcoming project titled Patra, the Continuation, her first leak song “Bad inna Bed,” was unleashed by Sway (of MTV) on his SiriusXM radio show. The hypnotic baseline and catchy hook have drawn the attention of both new fans and loyal followers. Patra is letting the world know that she still carries herself with the stern elegance of a queen, but can put it down when needed! Patra is looking to once again regain her spot as one of the industry’s top artists.