Meet The Artist Known As ‘EvryWhr’

On a personal level, as Publisher of Music Industry Quarterly, I was speaking at a songwriting camp about six years ago where I met this young artist who goes by the name EvryWhr [pronounced Everywhere]. He was quite excited about his songwriting skills and had some clear-cut ideas about the direction he wanted his career to go.

When he eventually suggested I come by his studio to hear some of his music, my expectations were held to a minimum. Like many influencers in our industry, I’ve been inundated over the years with more hype than substance and forced to hear below marginal material. This meeting was different, though. I bore witness to a magical music box of exquisitely-produced songs that were birthed by EvryWhr and his creative partner Blair Taylor. These songs were richly melodic, soulfully orchestral and genre-bending. EvryWhr’s vocals were innately expressive, crystal clear and cutting-edge as he explicitly and poetically discussed topics of love, lust and a celebration of the feminine form while on his journey towards success and fortune on what would be his first independently-released project, TWO (2013).

TWO, in my mind, is a brilliant piece of work, something comparable to what Frank Ocean, OutKast and Kendrick Lamar have done. The misfortune is that the masses haven’t heard it, though there were some modest sales on iTunes and increased streaming activity on Spotify. EvryWhr (who has written songs for LeCrae) did some select live dates with a band and social media to promote it but not every artist hits the lotto jackpot their first time out. Subsequently, EvryWhr has continued to record and experience life these last three years. He’s fallen in love with a beautiful young woman by the name of Shannon. They are parents now and the music is once again flowing.

This celebration of love and new life is no more evident than in the beautifully-composed song, “Mother to Be.” Orchestral strings and kalimba keys along with EvryWhr’s warm and emotionally vulnerable vocals make for a remarkable listening experience. Lyrically, it’s what every expecting mother-to-be longs to hear… “Your body’s changing everyday / So When you don’t feel sexy baby / Let me be the first to tell you / You’re beautiful / And when emotions seem to sway / I’m yours no matter what you say / I know the sacrifice you go through / For this life inside of you”

On “Flower of Life,” EvryWhr is joined by rapper and lyricist Kos for a spatially synthesized walk through reverberating vocal harmonies and competing syncopations over which EvryWhr exclaims, “What is real love / Feels like a drug / F*ck it, I’m addicted” It’s another fulfilling listening experience.

EvryWhr hails from Port Huron, Michigan, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Discussing “Flower of Life,” he tells MIQ, “Typically amongst men, there’s often a conflict between the sexual, the spiritual and the emotional when getting to know a woman. But when you find the real thing all of that comes into alignment.”

The songs are a part of his forthcoming EP titled, Shannon. “This is my most personal work I’ve ever done…very honest…and I’d like to share it,” says EvryWhr. “My desire is to speak life and spread my music worldwide…to reach millions through love, freedom and unity.”

Unlike EvryWhr’s first project, he’s got a dedicated team working alongside to get his project to the masses. “They’re assisting me in the fields of finance, management, marketing and creative direction,” he says, “starting with Paula Grant, Corey Edness, Blair Taylor, Jennifer Duke, Daryl Henderson, Transit Pictures, Kalik Osborne, Rozen Lalas and Shannon Kane.” As of press time, the team is currently in conversations regarding distribution.

By David A. Mitchell