Meet Classic Soul Singer, Ms. Monique

msmoniquepromoblacktopMs. Monique, hailing from Boynton Beach, Florida, knew from an early age that music was her passion. The R&B/Soul songstress has been entertaining audiences since she was a teen, where she participated in competitions like the Black Awareness Day Parade, The City of Boynton Beach’s Annual Talent Competition and the Wilson Center Youth Day Program.

At the age of 15, she was already singing in nightspots, and performing with live bands like Strictly Business and J.A.M. Monique passionately desired to be a great singer-songwriter, and attended Shaw University in Raleigh, NC. Gospel legend Shirley Caesar, a longtime friend and mentor to Monique, was there to give her advice on approaching the industry. All of these milestones were necessary for Monique to become the rising star she is today.

In 2005, she debuted with her first independent album, Soul Sessions Chapter I. She wrote all of the songs on the album, and won several awards, including 2005 Blues Critic’s Best New Artist, 2005 #1 Indie Album (Blues & Soul Magazine – UK), 2006 Jus Blues Awards Best New Artist, and the 2006 Audition Radio Winner for the single “Mr. Do Right.”

“I’m glad to say that I’ve had some really big support in Europe, in places such as London, Italy, Austria, France, and other countries like Africa and Japan,” states Ms. Monique. “I have several licensing deals in place, and they’ve pretty much been waiting on me to come with even more music.” Currently an ATL resident,  Ms. Monique is promoting her sophomore album titled, She Motions. The album contains a number of personal jewels, such as “Luvz On Lock,” “Finally Free,” “One Magic Moment,” the album’s opener “Becoming The Man I Want,” and of course her current single and signature ballad, “She Ain’t.”

“I’m a real Soul diva; nothing watered down, but the real deal,” says Monique. “I pride myself on being the type of artist who should’ve probably come out in another era; like during the time of Chaka Khan or Aretha Franklin. I believe I can bring real music back to the forefront; Classic Soul and R&B.”

Ms. Monique also takes pride in her independent status (Tate Music Group), stating, “It’s an uphill battle because we don’t have the same type of funding that the majors have, but at the same time, the majors aren’t kicking out music like they used to. They’re dropping artists left and right if artists don’t make their numbers. So, being an independent really allows you to believe in yourself when no one else will. And, for me, that’s a good thing!”