Introducing New Generation Live Star QUINTON MARCEL

Quinton Marcel hails from Nashville, and started in the entertainment business at only three years- old, working in print and commercials. At 9, he was a top 10 finalist on Fox American Idol Jr, hosted by Ryan Seacrest. After that experience, he knew then that music was calling.

What was your journey to becoming a recording artist, and why do you prefer performing with a live band?

Quinton: When I finished American Idol, I began writing and working with Grammy-nominated producer Roger Ryan. He taught me how to record and perform live. Every session I did was with live keys, drums, guitars, strings and even brass. To me, digital production just couldn’t give me that live feel.

How would you describe your genre or style?

If I had to pick a genre, I would say Pop/ Alternative. When I would sing, everyone would tell me that I sounded like Michael Jackson. I knew I wanted that Pop sound along with a mean guitarist and a Pop/Rock drummer who would rock out!

What is the title of your album and perhaps your favorite song?

My new album is titled, The Blueprint. My favorite song from the album is “Freedom,” because it can resonate personally or globally. It’s about change.

Who are some of the artists that inspire you?

Michael Jackson, Usher, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Gavin DeGraw, Pharell, Chris Brown and Imagine Dragons.

What is New Generation Live?

New Generation is a new dynamic Docu Music Reality Series. It’s centered around (5) artists living in one house trying to make it on the charts. We will have celebrity mentors pushing and guiding us along the way. Our fans will be able to see us performing live in concert and they will be able to buy the music in stores. Being on the show will elevate my career because I will be working with some of the most amazing producers and industry executives in the business. I wouldn’t have this opportunity anywhere else.

Who’s DogSled Music Group?

DogSled Music Group is the label behind my music and the reality series. Having graduated with a business degree in Music Business, I understand that being in the music business is different from the business of music. DogSled has physical and digital distribution in the US and International distribution – along with Television and Film.

Where do you see your career in five to 10 years?

I want to be a global icon, someone whose music lives beyond their existence.