Introducing Drea Dominique – MIQ Fall-Winter Edition 2020

She is parts fun and funny, shy but yet confident – both current and classic, exquisite in form and taste, coupled with music and visuals that will appeal to audiences domestically and around the globe.

Drea Dominique knows she’s built for this – Pop stardom essentially. When she fully breaks, she won’t be cited as some overnight sensation. Drea has certainly been paying dues- modeling for a variety of publications like King and Straight Stuntin; being the unwitting reality TV co-star in season 9 of the Bad Girls Club; appearing in music videos for Snoop Dogg, Robin Thicke and The Dream; to singing hooks on stage for local artists.

Her social media following is solid and growing, nearing 100k fans across multiple platforms. For Drea Dominique, the time was ripe to channel all these experiences into launching her own recording career.

Hailing from Southern California, but born in New York City, Drea has spent much of 2020 writing and recording, gearing up for the release of her EP, tentatively titled Drea’s Toy Box. “The project has something essentially for everyone, a box full of musical goodies,” she says. Signed through the family-funded label, Blessed Beyond
Entertainment, Drea is already getting some traction with her first couple of singles: the infectious upbeat “Catch My Wave” (featuring Compton-bred rapper AD and produced by AC Burrell), along with the sensuous ballad, titled “Waiting” (featuring InkMonstarr and produced by Kevin Flournoy). Both singles have accompanying videos that can be viewed on YouTube. The label plans to break “Waiting” at Urban AC radio at the top of 2021.

Regarding “Waiting,” Drea says, “Waiting is pretty much about the guy always leaving the girl waiting. He is on the grind busy and doesn’t have time, while the girl is waiting, getting frustrated and not going anywhere. It sounds like she would wait a lot longer than I personally would [Drea laughs]. But it’s a very melodic and sexy ballad. It has that familiar sound, and I could potentially hear it in a lot of places, maybe P-Valley someday?”

“Ratchet Girl” also produced by AC Burrell (Ty Dolla $ign, Ella Mai), will soon get the attention of Pop fans, teen girls and perhaps women looking to break out of their proverbial shells. “It’s a fun song with a simple and catchy hook… ‘Teach me how to be a
Ratchet Girl’,” says Drea. “Ratchet Girl” is the kind of song that can launch a Pop artist according to some industry observers. Burrell’s other contribution is, “Toy Box,” a lite Pop/Dancehall-flavored song, where Drea ask her love interest to “Wind Me Wind Me Up.” Not to be outdone, the clubs may have a field day with a song titled
“Flex,” (produced by Antony Yershov & Vagan Partizpanyan of Bad Vibes and written by B. Sims & Kaylie McKinnis). “Hopefully, this pandemic will be over sooner than later,” Drea says, “I would love to see the response these songs get in both a live performance
setting and in the clubs.”

In between recording her EP, Drea got into the studio with Flournoy to cover Eartha Kitt’s 1953 classic, “Santa Baby.” “This was a lot of fun to record because it was something different, smooth and jazzy,” Drea says. “I would love to one day record an album of songs from that period…dress up from that classic period, give a Dorothy Dandridge or Marilyn Monroe vibe to my look and performance.”

Since 2020 is the year that Drea and Blessed Beyond Entertainment got the ball rolling, the team has high expectations going into 2021. Drea keeps a busy schedule of conducting interviews with the blogs, talking with radio stations, recording more music, and constantly engaging with her friends, fans and followers via social media.

Drea also has a cosmetic line of lip glosses and eyelashes, in addition to selling customized T-Shirts, and hoodies called Heart Space by Drea. • IG @dreadominique