Introducing Chop Clark (Interview Conducted by Jeff Zimberoff)

Chop Clark is a rapper who is coming on to the rap scene with a different perspective. His music video for his new song ‘40 Acres’ is out now. ’40 Acres’ covers many different topics throughout including police brutality against African Americans. I had the pleasure of getting to ask Chop a few questions about where he draws his influences from and what he has in store for the future.

In your song 40 Acres, you use a sample at the beginning. Would you like to elaborate on where that originated from?

Chop: The vocal selection we used was Gil Scott Heron of the Last Poets talking about reparations. I felt it was an appropriate subject for people that listen to hip hop. As a recording artist, a great deal of my fan base is comprised of other aspiring artists– they get the music. I feel like this is a very precarious time in hip hop. The industry has pretty much imploded, nobody knows what a “hit” record sounds like anymore, and amidst all the uncertainty people still expect to be discovered and signed. 40 Acres is about getting it yourself.

It’s clear to me that Kendrick Lamar and Wu Tang have had a heavy influence on your music. In what ways do these artists inspire you to create the music you are making today?

Chop: Wu Tang most definitely had an influence on me as a young emcee. Nas, absolutely. Tupac, absolutely. I started rhyming in 1993 and I developed my style before Kendrick was K Dot. So, no discredit to an incredibly talented emcee. Salute to Kendrick.

You end your video for 40 Acres by listing the names of African-Americans who were wrongfully killed by police. Do you plan on creating more music that shares this same politically charged message?

Chop: I absolutely plan to come out with more records talking about different aspects of racial profiling, discrimination, social injustice, and institutional racism. I have already released several. My last single was called Black Roses. We used police brutality footage in the video. At the end of 40 Acres we gave you a taste of 53 Shots, which was inspired by the Sean Bell case. There are more to come as well.

Do you have any full-length projects coming out soon?

Chop: My first feature length project #Reconstruction is set to be released in November by Empire Distribution.

Why should people listen to Chop Clark?

Chop: People should listen to Chop Clark because I’m delivering throwback lyrical appeal on new school drums. I like to incorporate live instruments and arrangements to create beautiful music. My father is a keyboardist and Musical Director, so I learned a lot about building a sound by components while growing up. I incorporate a lot of that into Reconstruction.

Who is your favorite rapper right now?

Chop: My favorite rapper right now is still Nas.

What album have you been bumping lately?

Chop: Right now I listen to a lot of Isaiah Rashad. He’s one of my favorite artists on TDE right now.

Interview Conducted by Jeffrey Zimberoff