“Get Out” Film Review (by Andre Kelly)

‘Do they know I’m Black?’
‘Should they?’

When I first saw the trailer for Get Out and heard THIS exchange? I knew this film was gonna’ be lit!

Masterfully written and directed by Jordan Peele (of Comedy Central duo Key & Peele fame) Get Out is a tremendously entertaining horror-comedy with legit acting and surprisingly smart, socially relevant subject matter. Yes, it’s got all the tropes of horror with regard to gore, suspense and plenty of moments that’ll have you jumping in your seat however, the script is highly intelligent with it’s refreshing inclusion of liberal white culture and timely, hilariously terrifying observations on race.

Get Out is keenly layered with lines and references you’ll notice certain audiences will eat right up while others may take a moment to get. Thankfully, it’s also ingeniously scary and thought-provoking. As for those ridiculous claims by small segments of the Twitterverse who’re trying to label it ‘anti-white?’ I’d submit, these are also the kinds of folks who’d call Bridesmaids ‘anti-male.’ They way I see it, ANY film that smartly annoys racists, is instantly my kind of movie. Like the original Frankenstein monster, Get Out is already breathing new life into an often, overdone, overly gory, ham-fisted lately, largely unimaginative genre and on its own, is genuinely, utterly fantastic on many levels.

Real talk? When it comes to what actually scares the hell out of people of color? Of all the real or so-called ‘imagined’ often times, historic and sometimes conspiracy-theory based, horrific atrocities we’ve faced or endured? Subject matter like this is exactly what keeps us up at night. Welcome to our world!

-Andre Kelley