Entrepreneur Spotlight On RACHEL NOELLE

Meet Rachel Noelle: Executive, entrepreneur, visionary, publisher, studio owner, and CEO of Los Angeles-based Hits & History Entertainment. Known to many in the industry both as a talent manager and publisher, Rachel has worked with hitmaking producers the Jackie Boyz, and Warryn Campbell to artist-writer Vertel, and artist-writer-producer Hwood, which led to placements and collaborations on a diverse array of high profile projects, by the likes of Justin Bieber, Brandy, Madonna, Big Time Rush, Flo Rida, and lots more.

Rachel studied online with the Berklee College of Music, Business & Publishing program, and took Music & Publishing law at the UCLA extension program. More recently, she parlayed her various skill sets to open two major recording studios with locations in Hollywood, and North Hollywood, California.

Stationed at 3169 Barbara Court, the daily rental is a fully-equipped recording and photography studio. “It’s a turnkey creative location where someone can come in and fully execute anything they need from music, to voice-overs, and podcasts, to shooting videos and photography,” says Rachel. “Having managed talent for so long, one of the big issues we found is that the majority of our money was spent on studio time and paying engineers, and that’s way before we could get to things like wardrobe, styling, marketing, etc. I wanted to design a studio not only affordable for up and coming creatives, and students, but the overall music community. Currently, it’s $40 per hour for the recording side and $35 per hour on the photography side (not including photographer or recording engineer costs) with a lounge and think tank space as well.”

Hits & History Control Room

The second location is at 4420 Lankershim Blvd., in North Hollywood and was designed for long term rentals. The acoustically treated studio currently has been booked out for two years, but there is an accompanying space of 2,500 square feet available for rent. “We will be renovating that space during the month of February,” says Rachel. “We’re in conversations with companies looking for space, and they’ll basically be coming to a blank canvas that I have the option of making into one large room or to divide into three “A” rooms. We can host events out of it as well. For instance, ASCAP hosted their Christmas party inside of the space in 2016. The person or company that rents these spaces has the opportunity to equip and create their own vibe within the space. I’m very excited about the possibilities.”

Hits & History Photo & Media Room

Rachel formally entered the music business in 2007 with her move to Los Angeles from New Jersey. “I enjoyed management but it was something I eventually grew out of,” she recalls. “Publishing was always the main focus – being a writer myself. I was blessed in meeting my first clients which were the Jackie Boyz, especially since we kind of started together. Then in 2011, I transitioned from the management perspective into a publishing platform, and entered into a venture with BMG Music Publishing, which is now our international collections administrator. We started doing one-off deals, which was in line with our desire to have a flexible business model.

“If someone has a song in the marketplace but they don’t want to tie up their entire catalog in order to do a pub deal, then we consider what the possibilities are, do the calculations, and tabulate the value of the song like any publisher would. We then work through our partners at BMG Publishing to achieve success with the song. Between maintaining the one-off publishing deals and the studio rentals, I’ve got quite a diverse portfolio.”

Since Rachel interacts with songwriters, producers, and artists on a near-daily basis, she is constantly flooded with questions on how to achieve success as a music creator. “My company also provides consultancy services, and team building. Some people come to me and inquire about looking for a reputable manager or an entertainment attorney, or what conferences they should attend. Because of the internet and social media, it’s important to realize that the world is at the touch of our finger tips, and Siri has many of the answers,” Rachel says.

“A lot of people don’t research or do their due diligence. They don’t understand the roles of BMI, ASCAP and SESAC and what they can do for music creators. They hosts so many different workshops and showcases throughout the country. You have to take the steps to know how to really get onto the scene. It’s not as hard as some people make it out to be, especially if you can tap into the many resources that are available. There are also many music conferences you can attend where you’re literally one degree of separation from someone who can truly affect your career. Those types of venues give you a chance to really connect with like-minded people. My biggest advice is to hit the scene, and tap into those resources that are free and affordable.”

For more info, visit www.hitsandhistory.com or Rachel@hitsandhistory.com