Dawn Richards Suceeds On Her Own

Dawn’s been riding high as a member of both Danity Kane and Diddy Dirty Money. As a solo artist she recently released what is her most adventurous musical effort to date, an indie-released EP (although with 13 songs, we consider this a full-length), titled Armor On. Through a visit to YouTube, you can check out her wonderfully-written ballad, “Save Me From You,” along with its compelling black and white video clip. It seems like Dawn channels both Grace Jones and Janelle Monae for the irresistibly racy “Black Lipstick.” In our opinion, though, the project’s centerpiece may be the white hot “Bomb’s Away,” featuring a desert-setting video clip with plenty of exotic costumes and choreography. As one writer put it, “Armor On provides an epic soundscape that challenges the parameters of R&B and Pop music.” We at Amalgamation agree! (DAM)