Clive Davis’ ‘The Soundtrack of My Life’ – This Season’s Must-Read! (by David A. Mitchell)

Clive-Davis-The-Soundtrack-of-My-Life-Book-CoverCourtesy of my good friends over at Simon & Schuster, I can’t seem to put down Clive Davis’ new book (with Anthony Decurtis), The Soundtrack of My Life. Like many in the music business, I am a HUGE fan of this man. I’ve never had the opportunity to interview him, but I’ve had the honor to meet him numerous times, and attend a number of his illustrious Award show-related parties along with listening parties for artists such as Whitney Houston and Monica.

The Soundtrack of My Life recounts Mr. Davis’ extraordinary five-decade career; his early career during the 60s and 70s while at Columbia Records; his launching of Arista Records during the 70s; his discover of Whitney Houston during the 80s; his joint ventures with LaFace and Bad Boy during the 90s; up to his launching of J Records and his association with American Idol in the early 2000s.

Soundtrack-of-My-Life_510x510What I found even more remarkable about his career was his ability to create an environment so that artists like Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin, Carlos Santana, Luther Vandross, and Rod Stewart could stage major comebacks. He discusses all of that in The Soundtrack of My Life. There are plenty of historic photos inside for perusal.

It’s a whole new industry today, and there’s no one road map for success in this digital/social media arena. But newcomers, the book allows you to think big when it comes to trailing a path in these turbulent waters of the entertainment world. For those veterans, who have long followed Mr. Davis’ career, it may jog some favorite memories that you may have witnessed–or better yet—were a part of. Mr. Davis has been making the rounds of late promoting the book, and of course the mainstream media chooses to sensationalize the Kelly Clarkson controversy (really much ado about nothing) or Mr. Davis’ discussion about his sexuality. The reflections and messages included in this autobiography are so much bigger than that.

Enjoy the read!

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