Book Release: On the Innovative Toronto Sound and How It’s Influenced Hip-Hop

“Battle of the Beat Makers” Innovator Drops Tell-All Memoir on the Legendary Come Up of Toronto’s Producers Behind Drake’s Rise to Fame

Hip Hop is no stranger to Canada’s groundbreaking and premier production competition known as “Battle of the Beat Makers,” which has birthed some of today’s hottest producers in the industry. What some people may not know is the man and innovator behind this legendary come up, Clifton Reddick, known as “KLFTN” in the industry.

Now, the originator of the iconic movement has announced today the release of ‘Toronto Sound,’ a memoir devoted to the city’s rising producers.

“Drake’s primary producer, Noah “40” Shebib, was quoted as saying that the Toronto Sound began with Boi-1da, and Boi-1da was discovered at Battle of the Beat Makers (BBM), so essentially without BBM there would be no Toronto Sound. We are the foundation of everything major that has come out of Toronto since 2005. This memoir will paint the picture of exactly how it all went down,” says book author KLFTN.

As a cultural ambassador of Canadian Hip-Hop, KLFTN details the role that his famous Battle of the Beat Makers competition played in assisting in the development of careers of familiar artists like Drake, Boi-1da and T-Minus, while exposing us to a litany of other rappers and producers who have helped to establish Toronto’s Hip-Hop scene over the course of three decades.

The tell-all memoir is now available and can be purchased online at for $24.95. Toronto sound is the first of its kind that captures 30+ years of Toronto Hip Hop, the origins of OVO Sound and true story behind Drake’s debut performance.

Download Chapter 1 of the Toronto Sound Vol. 1 Audio Book at or visit

for both the e-book and audio (chapter 1).

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