AVANT Celebrates The Release of His Ninth Studio Album “CAN WE FALL IN LOVE”

A songwriter, producer, and label owner of MO-B Entertainment, Avant has traveled a long and steady path from being the first artist on Magic Johnson’s record label to starting his own label. He is grateful to be in a unique situation in his career, maintaining control in business and creative freedom. Recently, AVANT achieved one of the biggest accomplishments in today’s music industry as his catalog has been streamed over 1.8 Billion times on Pandora.

Avant’s 9th album “CAN WE FALL IN LOVE“, is an open-letter with raw honesty and intensity. Returning once again to add his signature style, producer Travis Sayles (Dark Child Productions) joins forces with Avant’s songwriting and lead vocals.

Standout songs, “All In My Head,” “Edible,” and “Take It Slow” were written to appeal to a cross-generational audience and drive home Avant’s dynamic songwriting style. In an era when so many artists have fallen to the wayside, AVANT continues to stay consistent in creating great music. “Can We Fall In Love” is a testament to why his fan-base is so loyal.

The album is available now on all streaming services.