Amalgamation Executive Spotlight: Jesse Flores, VP, Business Development, Lyric Financial

Jesse_Flores_Reduced_NewQ: Jesse, please provide some brief background on your industry history, and how a company like Lyric Financial can be beneficial to the creative community.

A: I am proud to announce that I have recently joined Lyric Financial as their new Vice President of Business Development.  Lyric Financial is the premier financing company for our industry, providing royalty advances and financial solutions for the music community since 2007.  Prior to joining Lyric, I held the role of Vice President, Label Acquisition at EMI Label Services, securing distribution deals for independent labels and artists.  I started out my career in different sales and marketing capacities at PolyGram and Universal Music before joining EMI in 2004 as Director of Urban Marketing.  I’m closing in on 17 years in the music industry, mostly in the Distribution sector.

How does a company like Lyric Financial assist songwriters and artists in this new marketplace?

We provide a great service to the creative community which includes helping them figure out the financial strategy for running their business or career. Our knowledge of new business models, cash flows and various other dynamics in the music industry provide maximum flexibility when it comes to meeting their needs in our evolving business environment.  We offer specialized entertainment financing options for artists, songwriters, record labels, music publishers and producers.  Whether you are a label needing to promote a new release, a songwriter in need of a personal advance, a publisher buying a catalog, a producer needing working capital to develop new talent, or an artist in need of funds to record your next project or support your next tour, Lyric is here to create a solution that works for you.

How is one eligible to receive advances from Lyric Financial?  Is it just for indie artist-songwriters or full-fledge indie labels or companies?

Funding is available to all songwriters, producers and publishers that earn at least $10k in royalties per year.  Labels need to generate at least $25k in sales per year.  No additional qualification needed – they can get an advance on their royalty/sales pipeline now, regardless of credit. Technically, our advances are purchases of receivables or royalties owed to the artist, songwriter/producer or label by a royalty organization like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or a distributor.  We can also provide advances on SoundExchange earnings.  This receivable is sales or royalty income already earned but not yet paid; it’s just sitting in the system waiting to be processed.  We provide our clients with immediate access to their money and collect directly from their PRO and/or distributor.

Is Lyric Financial open to funding or advancing monies in other sectors of the business: e.g. touring support?

Yes, as long as the artist has a sales or royalty pipeline to back up the advance.

What is the payback structure?

Unlike a loan where you are responsible for making payments and songs/masters may be pledged as collateral, with an advance you temporarily redirect your payments to Lyric Financial until the advance is repaid.  We work directly with your PRO and/or distributor so there are no financial statements, no liability and no risk.

Can one compare Lyric Financial to a service like Kickstarter?

Not really.  Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform that allows artists to pre-sell product.  Lyric is more like Paypal, where a PRO or distributor owes you money and Lyric provides you quicker access.

How is Lyric Financial different from traditional banks?

We’re very hands-on and give a lot of personal attention to our clients.  Our unique advance program works like a virtual ATM to your royalties and sales. We offer flexible terms with no liability – your distributor or royalty agency is responsible for repayment.  Our financing is asset-based, not credit-based, so our flexibility in addressing challenging deals is unsurpassed.  Ownership of catalog and/or master’s rights is never at risk.  Additionally, our speed to close deals is light years faster than a bank.  We are a different kind of financial services company—run by music people for music people, and every team member has significant music industry experience.

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