X-Men: Days of Future Past Film Review (by Andre Kelly)

x_men_days_bannerListen to me. Everything positive you’ve already heard about this film is absolutely true. It is that good.

Like a lot of folks, I was upset that Fox was going to make yet another X-film and based on one of the most beloved story-lines in comic history? How bad will they mess this up, many, including myself, wondered? Turns out they actually IMPROVED upon it. There’s so much that’s done so well that it’s hard to speak about it without giving anything away. I will say that Jennifer Lawrence seamlessly taking over the role of Mystique is inspired. That chick owned every scene she was in. The all-star cast, like many multiple mutant stories, could’ve easily have stumbled over one another but Singer mercifully, kept them somehow perfectly balanced and his attention to the time-traveling details (especially with regard to the 70’s) was magnificent. Most amazingly, there’s a particular battle sequence, in two different time-periods no less, that you have to see to believe and you will be enthralled at the action and drama of it while still staying within the story.

Even fanboys like myself who knew certain scenes that could happen, when they did, we were still surprised and shocked. Best of all, as with any film of this type, with a storied history and many characters, virtually anyone can walk into this movie and be instantly engrossed. Though following the last installment X-Men: First Class, this film stomps right past it powerfully and thunderously on it’s own. It is easily, one of the best superhero movies ever made and arguably, of the entire franchise, even X2. It is big, bold, dramatic, suspenseful and surprisingly entertaining. You’ll walk out of the theater like I did saying ‘Now THAT’S more like it!’

-Andre Kelley