Prince Hits YouTube (by Jordan Duboff)

REUTERS/Gary Hershorn

Could Prince be rolling over in his grave since his estate has given YouTube permission to post his videos? A similar sentiment was expressed a few months ago when the estate renewed its deal with Spotify, and placed Prince’s coveted Warner Bros. catalog back on the top streaming site.  Prince was adamant about keeping his music off of online outlets, with the exception of Tidal.  He felt like this streaming service, owned by Jay-Z, was the most artist-friendly site for musicians.

Some of the ‘Purple One’s’ greatest hits appeared on YouTube only days ago, e.g. “Let’s Go Crazy,” “When Doves Cry,” and “I Will Die For You.”

On March 2016, a fan asked on Twitter why Prince removed his videos. The artist himself responded directly saying, “Since YouTube doesn’t pay equitable licensing fees, isn’t that a nonsensical question.”  Perhaps, but such logic is not necessarily shared among today’s generation Z, which is accustomed to viewing most items for free on the internet.

Back in 2007, the Artist went as far as hiring a company named Web Sheriff, which specializes in hunting down pirated content on the Web.

Let’s hope that the estate continues to act responsibly

Prince’s music will live forever… online or offline.