Lil Snupe’s Legacy Lives on Through Upcoming Releases

Lil Snupe R.N.I.C. 2The world was in the palm of Lil Snupe’s hands before his tragic 2013 murder. The 18-year-old Louisianan emcee (real name Addarren Ross) had just signed a lucrative contract with Meek Mill’s emerging Dreamchasers label and gained a sizable following after releasing his R.N.I.C. mixtape months earlier. That all ended after being shot to death following an alleged argument over a video game. Attempting to keep his creative genius alive are Big Wes of Millennium Era and TherezMore2C Entertainment head C’Nyle. Both Big Wes and C’Nyle released a re-vamped version of R.N.I.C. in October through R.N.I.C. Revisited. “We did R.N.I.C. Revisited because he did a lot of features and things of that nature that the world didn’t get a really good look at it,” says C’Nyle. “They probably saw it on YouTube or something but it wasn’t the whole thing, so now they got it.”

For 2015, the two have bigger plans as they’re set to release R.N.I.C. 2 [February 10]. “It’s the album Snupe always wanted to be put out,” says Big Wes. “He was working on it with C’Nyle before his untimely demise.” C’Nyle had been a part of Snupe’s career since its infancy. “That’s my lil’ cousin,” C’Nyle says. “His mom contacted me through Facebook and I was already heading down to Louisiana anyway for a family trip.” C’Nyle had his own history within Hip-Hop as a member of No Limit Records group The Gataz, which were featured on the label’s West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. III compilation. Once C’Nyle heard one track from Lil Snupe, he felt compelled to work with him. This led to Lil Snupe’s first release, 16 &Runnin The Mixtape, a project that would make its way toward Meek Mills during a stop at Grambling State University.

One of C’Nyle’s closest associates is Big Wes who has an extensive music industry history having worked at Priority Records and Capitol Records.

Before his untimely death, Lil Snupe was deep at work on R.N.I.C. 2. , enough for it to be near completion according to C’Nyle. “He was a hardworking young man so there wasn’t too much to do,” explains C’Nyle. “Maybe some production here and there, verses here or there. Outside of that, it was pretty much laid out already.” That includes the project’s first single “Meant 2 Be,” featuring Louisiana native Lil Boosie. Expect production to mainly be handled by Deezy On Tha Beat and Lil Lee 420 along with guest appearances by Lee Major of Dreamchasers, among others. Once R.N.I.C. 2 hits the world, there are preliminary plans for the “last hurrah” in R.N.I.C. 3, according to Big Wes. For someone taken from earth so early in his career, Big Wes and C’Nyle are insuring the masses comprehend Lil Snupe’s popularity. “It wasn’t dance music, it was real music,” says C’Nyle. “He was just that truth. Everything he said on a track you could check it and verify it.” (By Ural Garrett)