DJ B-Hen: Hollywood’s Champion of New Sound

DJ-B-Hen-8webMeet B-Hen, one of Hollywood’s hottest and most driven new DJs. Operating under the title of “Holly-wood’s Champion of New Sound,” if B-Hen isn’t spinning from coast to coast, igniting fires for thousands of “turnt up” partygoers, he’s living out his passion on the small screen, rubbing elbows with legends of his craft like Kid Capri by competing on Smirnoff’s Master of the Mix (MTV) or while hyping studio audiences on Diddy’s Revolt TV.

What was is like appearing on Revolt TV and how did it happen?

It was a really great opportunity to showcase my talent as well as to interview on Revolt TV, which is Diddy’s new network and brainchild. It was essentially rocking the house for the in studio audience and making sure they were hyped up and amplified in advance of the guest appearance for the day (Dom Kennedy). It was a lot of hustling and being in the right place at the right time, making yourself constantly available to what’s new and what’s great.

What did appearing on the reality show, Masters of the Mix, mean for your career?

It’s been one year since the entire experience and by far it was one of the biggest learning lessons of my life and career. It really taught me to have a sense of fearlessness.  I was the most junior DJ in the competition; and as you can imagine that can be somewhat intimidating. The DJs were so dynamic from across the country and I learned so much from them along with some mentoring by the legendary Kid Capri. I gained national exposure from the experience and it was a springboard to many other dynamic things.

How are you able to get so many great opportunities?

There’s no road map to success in this craft. It’s literally by relationships and performance; by going out and doing great jobs and then someone enjoying the experience and recommending me for the next opportunity. So many DJs have access to the same music, but how you present the music and that opportunity is what resonates.

What upcoming opportunities are you most excited about?

I don’t want to speak on this too much yet, but let’s just say that television is in my future; but this time on a more consistent basis.

What 5 albums most influenced you as a DJ?

Outkast’s ATLliens, one of my favorite albums of all time; Swedish House Mafia’s Until Now, because it introduces me to the electronic sound that I didn’t necessarily grow up with; Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life; GUY’s debut album; and Janet Jackson’s Control.

As a DJ, Turntablist, Entertainer, what’s your ultimate goal? 

To evoke a sense of joy in those who have the opportunity to hear me play. Beyond that, I want to open my own DJ agency by which I train other DJs to really develop their greatness as turntablists and MCs.

Interview Conducted by Gerald Radford