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Late Spring/Early Summer Edition No. 13

Introducing Conceptz - Hip Hop's Next Prized Duo http://www.amalgamationmag.com/website/news/introducing-conceptz-hip-hops-next-prized-duo/ The Evolution of Ann Nesby http://www.amalgamationmag.com/website/tech/the-evolution-of-ann-nesby/ Sheree Brown Delivering Messages from the Heart http://www.amalgamationmag.com/website/amalgamated/discover-sheree-brown-delivering-messages-from-the-heart/ Publisher's Note: Why Black Music Month Still Matters http://www.amalgamationmag.com/website/insights/why-black-music-month-still-matters/ Executive Profile: Meet Sean...

Music Industry Quarterly Summer UND Conference Edition 2017

Cover Story: R&B Duo Jake&Papa Music in Film & TV: Legal and Practical Issues Songwriter-Producer’s Corner: Spotlight on Kenyon Dixon Indie Profile: Hydra Management - The Family That Grinds Cover Story: Rae Sremmurd...

Amalgamation Mag: Fall Edition 2014 – 5th Anniversary Celebration

It's Amalgamation Mag's 6th Annual Salute to Songwriters, Producers & Music Publishers, and it's also the 5th Year Anniversary since we launched in the Fall of 2009. It's been a...

Amalgamation – Summer 2011

Issue 7 (Summer 2011) This was an impromptu edition of Amalgamation put out just in time to celebrate Black Music Month, along with being distributed at various BET Awards weekend...

Amalgamation – Spring 2011

Issue 6 (Spring 2011) It’s not every day we can get a cover with NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony and his lovely wife, multi-media personality LaLa. They were promoting their artist...

Amalgamation Magazine Conference Edition May/Spring/ 2014


Music Industry Quarterly 2016-2017 Winter Edition

Inside this Edition: Executive Spotlight: Hurricane Dave Smith, VP, Radio One, ATL Indie Space: Meet The Artist Known As EvryWhr; Letters From Damian Lillard The Heart & Soul of George Michael Cover Story:...

Amalgamation Magazine Summer Edition 2014


Amalgamation – Spring 2012

Issue 9 (Spring 2012) Brooke Valentine mounts her comeback with the release of her album, Forever, while soon-to-be teen star Jordan Johnson premiers his single, “Girl I Gotta Go.” Both...


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